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Long-Term Odor Control of Garbage Odors

Fast-acting and powerful concentrated industrial deodorant designed for odor control in dumpsters, trash units and garbage trucks. Our proprietary formula noticeably reduces the smell of garbage and keeps odors from coming back. Modern demands for reducing the cost of handling garbage and waste in commercial and high occupancy buildings has caused the management of odors to become a necessity.

Typical odor control approaches in garbage rooms have employed the use of perfumes that are often obnoxious, ineffective and sometimes toxic. Perfume dispersing equipment is typically unreliable requiring frequent service and maintenance. West Industries recognized these failures and developed all natural odor neutralizing products that by comparison are considerably less expensive. They require significantly less maintenance and are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Trash Compactor Odor Control

A smelly unsanitized compactor may give customers an uneasy feeling, which is not a risk you can afford to take. If you've been coping with compactor odor by removing the trash before its filled or scheduling pickups from your trash removal company, you're wasting money for a temporary fix. Eliminate compactor odor for good with our AeroMist odor control system.

Immediate Odor Control

Other companies use masking agents or even bleach to camouflage the trash smell without solving the underlying problem. Switch to the eco-friendly AeroMist to eliminate trash odors and the bacteria that cause them once and for all. Improve your business environment and customer interactions by removing this persistent problem with a low-maintenance, green solution.

How AeroMist Works

AeroMist eliminates trash odors by emitting a spray of odor removing agent every hour, 24/7. This automatic system requires no maintenance and will continue to control compactor odor around the clock. The AeroMist system is serviced every 28 days by your West Sanitation Service Tech. AeroMist is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so it won't cause damage to your trash compactor. You and your staff can feel good about using AeroMist to safely and responsibly remove trash smell for good!


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